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Dried Chanterelle Mushroom (Cantharellus Cibarius)

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The Chanterelle type of mushroom is known in Bulgaria as this beautiful yellow creation of Mother Nature, which can be found within many European lands.


The mushroom has a bright yellow-orange colour of the stalk. Its flavour is extremely pleasant similar to the taste of apricot. It goes well with meat, fish and eggs.

It grows within both deciduous and coniferous forests, along forest roads and deserted paths, and on the gully of rain-formed streams after their drainage. Chanterelles can be found at the end of May in the lower parts of the forests. Then they gradually ascend in the higher areas of the mountains until the end of the summer, even in relatively dry weather.

Directions: The Chanterelle mushrooms are highly appreciated by experts and professional chefs, because they could be added to many different dishes. For example, they go well with eggs, cheese and various meats. You could cook the product by boiling it, frying it or roasting it. The cooking process could take a bit longer, because of the mushroom`s firmness.

Storage: Please keep at a dry and cool place. After opening, close the package tightly or put it in a jar.

Dried Porcini Mushroom (Boletus Edulis)

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This type of mushroom is also known as penny bun, porcino or porcini mushroom. This is the Queen of our mushrooms that is probably the most delicious one within the lands of the Old Continent and is one of the most popular Bulgarian wild mushrooms. When it is quite young, the stem is thick and fleshy and often several times larger than the head itself. At this time of their growth the porcinis are considered a delicacy and are very high in price.

This type of mushroom consists of up to 35% of precious protein, which includes glutamine, arginine, leucine and tyrosine. It contains a large amount of vitamin PP and nicotinic acid, together with different micro- and macro-elements. Consuming the porcinis provides the body with vitamins from group B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D.

Directions: Before use, the dried mushrooms should be soaked in warm water for 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on their thickness. When ready, the excess water is carefully placed away and now this broth could be used as part of the liquid base of the dish. Then the already softened mushrooms should be sliced. Another option is stewing them before adding them to the dish. This makes them even more aromatic and ready to impress even the most sophisticated taste.

Our dried porcini mushrooms have a deep and intense flavor that dominates in soups or sauces for pollen and pasta. They could be a wonderful addition to your rice, potatoes and stewed vegetables.

Storage: Please keep at a dry and cool place. After opening, close the package tightly or put it in a jar.