Thracian Truffles - Agroles Product Ltd.

Agroles Product Ltd. is a fast-growing, leading company, which deals with buying, processing and selling wild-growing mushrooms and truffles.

In Bulgaria you can find a large variety of mushrooms and truffles during the whole year. This is why when it comes to our products, we are able to offer the highest quality to those, who can appreciate it. Everything we provide is truly natural, coming from the Bulgarian land. We are here to connect the ones with exclusive taste to the best products nature has given us.

Our customers receive fresh seasonal, dried or frozen truffles and wild-growing mushrooms based on their personal preferences.

Our business is certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2015. We partner up with other developed companies of great reputation from Europe, the USA and Asia. Furthermore, we are proud to work with a large number of restaurants famous for their premium cuisine.

Trusting us could only lead you to success.

The Legend about the Truffles within the Thracian land

The ancient legend begins with Orpheus – a very talented musician, who performed his magical melodies all day and all night…

One miraculous evening, when the wind was carrying along his magical sounds through the Thracian fields, Zeus heard his majestic melody and decided to reward him. The powerful God sent a lightning that touched the ground, opening up a pit full of precious gifts – some as white as the day, some as dark as the night. And this is how the Truffles were born. Orpheus grabbed a few in his hand, tasted them and immediately felt their magical power

In order to thank Zeus, Orpheus performed his wildest sounds and shared these divine gifts with everyone living within the Thracian Kingdom. Ever since then people seek the wonderful truffles within these lands and enjoy their endless benefits.

Interesting facts about Truffles

Mysteriously hiding away from the human eyes, truffles have become one of the most desired worldwide gastronomic creations. The soil, vegetation, climate, the moon cycles and the change of seasons constantly affect the growing process of these amazing gifts, which can be the jewels to your dish, wrapping you around with their magnificent aromas.

This unusual mushroom, which grows from 5 to 30 cm deep down in the soil, can only coexist with a few other types of plants around. Those plants become food for the truffle, which later on transforms them into water and minerals. These mushrooms are incredibly hard to find even with the help of dogs that have been specifically trained for this. The animals use the truffle scent as a clue. Once found, they are hand-picked in a very careful and gentle way.

You could find a wide range of different types of high quality truffles.

They are incredibly precious and also used within the fields of medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics and luxurious cuisine. Truffles are rich in vitamins B12, B6 and B2, full of protein, sulfur, phosphorus, cellulose and other significant elements. They are often used for their healing potential. Consuming the product can lead to many benefits:

  • lower cholesterol
  • better function of the nerve and muscle tissue
  • better blood circulation
  • sight improvement
  • regenerating of the skin, nails and hair growth
  • improvement of the heart functioning
  • full detoxification
  • suitable for people fighting diabetes
  • provides amino acids
  • helps fighting the lack of iron during anemia

Truffles consist of substances that stimulate the process of growth, our metabolism and sexual functions. This is the reason why they are very well known as an aphrodisiac. They also produce anandamide – a compound responsible for the production of a substance in our brains. It improves our mood and makes us feel happier. Scientists call anandamide ‘the molecule of feeling blissfully pleased with life’, because it takes a big part when it comes to our mood, appetite, memory, the amount of pain we experience, depression and the abilities of the reproductive functions.

In addition to everything mentioned above, truffles have a very long lasting and specific aroma and taste. They could easily turn any dish into a masterpiece.